The Team

Today the studio's creation centre has moved from the former french concession in the heart of the city of Shanghai and it's inspirational surroundings specializing in Bridal and occasionwear gowns and separates that are designed and created for many important special occasions in a woman's lifetime. One of which is her wedding day.


Peony Rice originated as a bespoke womenswear and accessory brand established in 2009 as an Industria Collective project, a design initiative founded by British designer Pauline Cheung who has shared her time between England, USA and now Asia for the past 20 years. Both urban necessities and tropical locales have influenced her label Peony Rice initially created to preserve the works of artisan groups in South East Asia with creations of accessories and womenswear with an aim to bring awareness of beautiful cultures with a social concern for their well-being. All of her creations are created with a strong woman in mind that is stylish and elegant, there's a sense of femininity with the contemporary cutting that embraces the body with no fuss and a little ease. 
Led by Gar Cheung, a seasoned Accessories Designer, well traveled with an eye for luxurious special details, her easy going spirit infuses a touch of British quirkiness to the collection with creations to compliment the gowns and give great choices for adapting a look for different occasions.  There's a pride ensuring that each piece that leaves the studio is of our signature Peony Rice quality and standards.
The Peony Rice Technicians are in charge of bringing the designs into a 3-dimensional form and realising the design. They are entrusted to make sure the fit and the drape is perfect, working directly with the designers. The finishing is of the highest quality and keeping it all traditionally made and finished by hand to ensure a personal touch.
She's the heart and soul of the studio. Her role is the most important one, to greet you and share her love. She's the most famous dog in the city, she watches every gown created, has an opinion & loves sunning herself in the showroom. An experienced model, social spirit and super laid back. 
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