To ensure your Peony Rice gown fits just right on your big day, we have created a simple standard guideline for your reference.  You may still need the odd stitch or hem to help, however this simple guide should give you a good indication for which size to choose. If you are still unsure contact our STYLISTS who are more then happy to help.



BUST: Measure across the fullest part of the bust.
NATURAL WAIST: Measure the slimmest part of your waist line. Place your hands naturally on your waist which should sit just below your ribcage.
HIPS: Measure the fullest part of your hips.


  1. Select a veil to compliment the length of your gown. Ideally when you wear it, the veil should extend a few inches beyond your dress train.
  2. For traditional and religious ceremonies, think about having an elbow or fingertip length blusher worn with a full length Chapel or Cathedral veil to cover your shoulders and back
  1. We recommend that the length of the veil should extend past your gowns bust or waistline for a more stream lined look or go short and sassy.
  2. Blushers go over your face and they can be separate or created together. Separate gives you more flexibility that you can remove it after the Ceremony. We suggest at least elbow or fingertip length is flattering for most.
  3. Did you want to wear a veil more as a fashion attitude? You can go for a stylized look, lots of possibilities, our favourites take on a 1920’s deco style to 1940’s Hollywood inspired glam that is chin length or half birdcage veil.
  4. We would advise that if your dress has a lot of beading/ crystal embellishment, go for the semi stiff as a soft veil can become caught up in the embellishment.
  5. We have a choice of 2 different tulles:
Semi Stiff Tulle - This will stand up more and have more volume and drama. Standing away from the dress.
Soft Tulle- This tends to drape more and works well for vintage looks where the veil tends to have a softer drape.