Peony Rice

The Peony Rice collection is "MADE OUT OF LOVE" in Asia. The journey begins in our atelier located in the city of Shanghai. Our dresses and accessories are conceptualized and made right here in the studio where our team can oversee all the details that we hope you will fall in love with for your special day. 
Our styles are a little unconventional and we love beautiful precious and exclusive fabrications combined with the cut, drape and quality of make.
Here at Peony Rice, we pay a lot of attention to the materials and always personally select high quality fabrics for our creations. We focus a large part of our collection with on the best variety of silks from China where it is a country known for producing premium grade silks, and fancy fabrics such as laces and other novelty and blended fabrics are exclusively from France or Italy.
it's a personal love affair to create stylish, elegant and fun pieces that become a great daily tonic for our clients. 
Peony Rice is sourced and produced responsibly in Asia and partakes collaborations with local communities. The aim is to bring awareness and help preserve beautiful cultures with a social concern for their well being.
It is important that we are able to initiate change in fashion and promote awareness of environmental and social issues in less developed countries for our future generations.
We embrace many traditional techniques across a number of communities in Asia, who have individual weaving, embroidery, printing and dyeing methods. These extra special details should be cherished and respected. There has been a lot of love that has gone into the making of the individual pieces in the collection.
Through this project it provides the "rice" that feeds the soul.